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At Fabulous Paw

We provide dog training sessions, puppy classes, as well as Dog Daycare and Dog Hotel with or without training.
We are happy to customize our services depending on what you look for and what you and your dog need to work on.
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In-Home training

Does your dog have housetraining mishaps, does he go crazy whenever a skateboarder goes by or does he growl at strangers? We can help. We are well equipped to deal with any issue in a safe and humane manner and we do this in the comfort of your own home.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are an ideal way to socialize your puppy to other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment. Our classes teach you how to raise a confident, happy dog with a focus on fear prevention. They will be fun for both you and your dog.

Online Training

Are you having a hard time finding a trainer in your area or do you live outside of our service area? A Skype consultation may be the solution you are looking for.

Dog Sitting

When you are busy or traveling. I take care from your dog’s in my house. I dont use  cages .They are free at home .so we have a back yard.
If your dogs do not know social behavior, it is a good opportunity for them to learn at my house.
I assure you that they will never be afraid of big dogs and other dogs while learning how to play in a group.
And when the dogs return home, they are very tired and hungry.
Make sure your dogs have a great time at my house.They will surprise you when they come to my house again because they are so excited


Dog Training
(Basic & Advanced)

Puppy Classes

Eliminate Behavioral Disorder

The Behavior Of Dog Technologist

Dog Sitting

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